Stripped marlin are the most common species of marlin in the Galapagos, these fish average between 100 – 250 lbs but its not uncommon to see some around 300 lbs. These past 2 years stripped marlin have been around all year peaking in February thru June when boats averaged double digit releases.

Blue marlin tend to be around when the water is warmest (72-82) January thru July. Though we do not get huge number of blues we have been seen more of them these last couple years. Blue’s average between 200-400 lbs.

Black Marlin are our unicorns, rarely seen but when the do show up they but on a hell of a show. Blacks like to show themselves when the banks closer to shore fill up with bait looking for water temps between 72-82 degrees Fahrenheit. These fish are usually in the 400+ range.

Yellowfin and Big eye tuna the rock stars of top water. These last couple years the banks have been filling up with huge bait balls being hammered by big schools of tuna making it a top water anglers dream. The tuna have been available all year round making for plenty of fresh sashimi on board.

Wahoo one of the best tasting fish in the Galapagos. these fish can get up around 100+ lbs but are usually seen between 30-70 lbs. Wahoo look for water temps between 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit. 2018 was a great season for wahoo where we had times that as soon as we had lures back in the water they would get hit again. 2019 has not been a great season for wahoo but there have been those days that they show up in bunches but do not stay for long. We typically see wahoo from May thru September.

Mahi Mahi are not as common in the Galapagos as one might think. Often being a bi catch of targeting Marlin. Mahi Mahi are another great eating fish and put on one very fine dance filled with colors and aerials. Mahi Mahi stick to the warmer water between January thru June